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    Hobrien + Smacking Dat Ass!

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    Chris Hemsworth being the cutest dad with India

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    chris hemsworth

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    this is literally perfect

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    lord of the rings

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    The wild little dog Nasir

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    my little syrian prince

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    tipsyfictionwriter replied to your post “someone please get on skype and tell me that this writing for fire…”

    i gotta motor soon so can’t skype but no of course your writing isn’t horrible.

    I am so glad you are back, darling <3


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    jewelsrulz replied to your post “someone please get on skype and tell me that this writing for fire…”

    What I have read of your Fire Starter series has been great. Thoroughly enjoying it…..mile high club? Oh yeah!! Looking forward to more!

    Haha. Thank you so much <3


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    Fire Starter

    new fire starter chapter

    trigger warning: domestic violence, abuse, verbal abuse, and angst.


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    I don’t break that easy.

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    “Lydia isn’t a liar, is she?” he asks him, looking at Derek seriously, “She wasn’t lying about the mate thing. She was telling the truth. Lydia never lies. Lydia’s brutally honest, actually.”

    “Stiles –”

    “What I don’t understand,” Stiles says loudly, drowning out Derek’s attempt to talk, “is why, if that is the case, you pushed me away. I mean, I told you I loved you, Derek. And you shoved those words back in my face and just walked away. You told me not to come back. What is that, Derek?” Stiles demands, “What is that?”

    Derek doesn’t say anything, blinking at Stiles. “No, you do not get to be the stoic, angry, silent guy,” Stiles says, pointing at him accusatorily. Derek’s eyes flash and he actually looks guilty.

    “I – Stiles,” he says and he sounds pained. “I can’t.”

    “You can’t what?” Stiles asks.

    “I can’t ask that of you!” he shouts, and Stiles steps forward a little.

    “Ask what of me?” he asks, softer now.

    “I can’t ask you to be mine forever, when I’m the worst person in the world to be stuck with forever. I can’t ask you to love me, I can’t ask you to be with me. Because I will – I will fuck it up,” Derek chokes, and Stiles is close now, pressed against him, staring up at him.

    Derek blinks rapidly, and if Stiles didn’t know better, he’d think he was trying to block tears.

    “It’s not that I don’t – that I didn’t –” Derek mumbles, but he still can’t say it, and Stiles heart shatters a little.

    He backs away. Derek’s arms snaps out and wraps around his wrist, “Don’t,” he whispers, “I’m – I do,” he says firmly, “I do.”

    “You do what?” Stiles demands, looking up and meeting his eyes, determined. Derek closes his eyes and breathes deeply.

    Sterek Week: Day 4 - Breakup/Makeup

    Based on “Waiting for You to Say It First" by paradis

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    someone please get on skype and tell me that this writing for fire starter isn’t horrible. 

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    Daniel Feuerriegel movie stills from the 1st episode of Spartacus Vengeance (edited by vipvictor)

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    my angry barbarian king

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    "What are you looking at?" Stiles scoffs, feeling himself blush under the werewolf’s intense stare. He knows he can’t hide the way it makes his heart skip a beat.

    Derek only tilts his head to the side, a soft smile playing on his lips.


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